Tudor-Ștefan Rotaru


Bioethics includes value-laden meaning attached to it. This common sense premise is for naught if we don’t consider our own minds as being value-laden. When looking for the truth (in a positivistic way) or our truths (in a social-constructionist understanding), the instruments themselves are value-laden [1]. The present issue of Romanian Journal of Bioethics deals with intricate values like freedom [2, 3], consicence [4] life [5] and religion [6].

However, values have been seen as imbued with too much determinism, or as too individually subjective [7]. The trustworthiness of scientific inquiry, value-laden as it is, falls between what is researched and what is expected. Is our inquiry meant to find a truth, support the expected outcome, to soothe our anxietes or to protect us from cognitive dissonance? In a social-constructionist way, when doing science there are truths we (try to) build. Sometimes, these constructed truths have been accused of being no truths at all [8]. Do we build them for ourselves, or for the others? Do these truths have meaning for those under study or for the very people who built them?

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