Iosif Tamas, Camelia Tamas, Iosif Enăşoae, Dana Turliuc


On November 23, 2013, the Pontifical Council for Health Care Ministry organized the 28th International Conference on the topic: The Church in the service of the elderly and sick, the care for those suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Those 700 participants from 57 countries, physicians, researchers, volunteers and religious personalities were received in audience by the Holy Father Pope Francis. In his words of encouragement, Pope Francis insisted on the imperative to act only in favor of life, until those who are considered “unproductive” in economic terms will not be marginalized or even eliminated, as the large number of abortions and the spread of the practice of euthanasia shows. The disease, with its variety of afflictions, raised questions for people of all ages. Their answer came off of the concept that they had about the world in which they lived and of the observations made on the powers that govern the world.  The spring occurred in the Greek sense of observation and medicine developed independently, as a positive science. That being so, the biblical revelation set aside the scientific aspect of the problem and dealt exclusively with the religious meaning of illness and healing at the level of salvation. In this paper we track: understanding religious binomial healing disease in the light of The Holy Scripture, and we will explain how this position is based on the latest research in the field of bioethics care of people suffering from neuro-degenerative diseases and primary metastatic brain tumors.

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