Ion Viorel Matei, Cristina Mihaela Barbu, Mihail Cristian Negulescu


Human survival, the deepening of democratic processes in contemporary society and positive resolution of the democracy dilemmas by overcoming global problems, the raising of living standards in all aspects including health and consumer protection, and the provision of a sustainable long-term development perspective, the promoting of civil society's fundamental interests of present and future generations, cannot be achieved outside a legal framework and a well developed and successfully implemented concept in the field of bioethics and bio-safety. [11].

Bioethics in this view plays an important role and is designed to maintain the progressive balance, the stability of change adjustment, including maintaining the balance of the current socio-economic system. The natural moral law urges every conscience to do well and avoid evil. This applies to all areas of ethical behaviour in general and in particular for bioethics.

Never did bioethics turned morality that deals with life in all its aspects [1], into a point of interest for everybody, a major social problem worldwide. Organization and ongoing of public education for a healthy life can be reached only by promoting bioethical principles and bioethics imperatives. [8].

The righ to be protected against products, processes or services that threaten one’s health and life represents the right to security. The role of state institutions, non - governmental organization - NGOs, agencies, is to change the mentality of the Romanian citizen: the one of the cosumer, who, for the benefit of everybody, should no longer accept that he is obliged to consume everything, but become an active person, and also the mentality of the producer-salesperson chain, which, in the 21st century should have a correct and moral attitude. The one who loses in this equation is, most of all, the consumer, as low-quality or counterfeited products endanger his life and health.

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