Beba Rade Rakic, Mira Rade Rakic



The main roles of IMC are informing the population of a healthy lifestyle, persuading and reminding the population to buy, prepare and consume healthy food and to do physical activity. The purpose of this paper is to identify the influence of integrated marketing communications (IMC) on the process of creating healthy eating and physical activity habits.

Methods: Using a face-to-face questionnaire interview, the study was conducted on a sample of 400 individuals between 16 and 74 years. Results: The greatest influences on the process of creation of healthy lifestyle have word-of-mouth (WOM) communications. The bases of this are education and a culture of healthy diet and physical activity - healthy lifestyle. Government, education and health care companies and institutions; manufacturers and distributors of food, catering companies and the media should inform, educate and influence the purchase, preparation and consumption of healthy food and also physical activity in the function of health of individuals and families. 

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