Ruxandra Viorica Stanculescu, Eugenia Panaitescu



The aim of our study is to analyze the outcome of teenager pregnancies in order to verify if  the hypothesis that younger teenagers have a higher obstetrical risk at delivery is still available for Romanian teenager pregnancies and to offer new perspectives for the development of health  care policies with outstanding socioeconomic impact.

 Material and methods The retrospective study includes 963 births with teenager mothers booked at the Obstetrics Department of  “St.Pantelimon” Hospital Bucharest between 1st of January 2008 and 31st of December 2012. Teenagers have been classified by age in younger teenagers (13 –16 years) and older teenagers (17 –19 years old) and were statistically compared  as concerns obstetrical characteristics at delivery. The statistical data was processed with SPSS15 version software.


Teenagers represent 11.12% of all booked pregnancies. From  teenager pregnancies 23.4% belong to younger group, 13-16 years. No significant statistical difference  was observed among the groups.


Romanian younger teenager pregnancies don’t have supplemental obstetrical risks. An improvement of   national social-integration programs must be performed. The high percentage of teenager pregnancies  is generating many ethics problems not so much medical issues as socio-economic problems.  The major concern stands for who assumes the responsibility for the welfare  of  younger mothers and their newborns and what are the ways to get a professional qualification which allows teens to  integrate in society? From the point of view of new demographics world perspectives the cultural and moral habits must be sustained by the laws which should be conceived by politicians. 

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