A health system focused on citizen’s needs. Romania. Hospital services, primary health care and human resources. Solutions (III)

Cristian Vlădescu, Vasile Astărăstoae, Silvia Gabriela Scîntee


The solutions recommended by the Presidential Commission for the improvement of hospital services were: restructuring and reorganization of hospital services; hospital management decentralization and establishment of county hospital agencies to ensure the coordination of hospital services at county level; diversification and use of new hospital services financing methods based on performance and quality of services provided to the patients; development of new management models for ensuring the continuity of care under therapeutic efficacy and economic efficiency. The Commission’s recommendations as regards the sorting out of the problems in the primary health care were: development of primary care multidisciplinary teams; improvement of resource allocation at primary care level, simultaneously with raising efficiency of their use and integration of health services; significant increase of the resources dedicated to primary health care development, in areas like human resources, physical infrastructure, information and communication systems, and medical equipment. The solutions proposed by the Commission for improving the human resources are: drafting a coherent sectorial policy for training, development and allocation of human resources in health; increasing the availability of human resources in the health sector in Romania; stimulate the professional career development in health sector. The successful implementation of the proposed measures is conditioned by the clarification of some aspects and the decision made upon some essential elements that might influence the health system performance. These are: defining the type of health system that is desired for Romania – from the public/private mix perspective, introduction of market mechanisms that determine the increase of the public sector efficiency and making accountable all those involved in decision making, including the patients.


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DRG (Diagnosis Related Group, engl) = Sistem de clasificare a pacienţilor în grupe de diagnostic, în funcţie de patologie şi costul îngrijirilor. Acesta poate fi utilizat doar în vederea evaluării rezultatelor spitalului sau utilizarea lui poate fi extinsă şi la finanţarea

spitalelor. (http://www.drg.ro/)

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