A health system focused on citizen’s needs. Romania. Financing, organization and drug policy. Solutions (II)

Cristian Vlădescu, Vasile Astărăstoae, Silvia Gabriela Scîntee


The solutions recommended by the Presidential Commission for the improvement of the healthcare system financing are focused on three main directions: increasing the level of funding for the Romanian healthcare sector; development of a healthcare resource allocation system based on transparent criteria and medical evidence; introduction and support of payment mechanisms based on efficiency and quality of care. To rectify the deficiencies related to the organization of the health system the Commission recommended the following: reorganization of the health care system with organizational and decisional decentralization; development of the quality assurance system in the healthcare field; redesign of the healthcare information system. The interventions proposed by the Commission for the rationalization of drug consumption and the improvement of the cost-efficiency in this field are: improvement of the process of establishing the content of the reimbursed medicines list; adjustment of the reimbursement and pricing rules in order to ensure a cost-efficient use of public resources; development of a monitoring system for medicines prescribing and dispensing, correlated with incentives for rational use of medicines.


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