Animal stunning, the eu, and the romanian lobby

Iordan Bărbulescu, Gabriel Andreescu


The article contextualizes the recent debate over animal stunning occasioned by the initiative of two Romanian MEPs/euro-parliamentarians. In January 2009, the Romanian media announced that two MEPs/euro-parliamentarians had introduced an amendment to the Council Directive on the protection of animals at the time of slaughter or killing. The two also brought their case before the Commission for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, arguing that the amendments are necessary to preserve Romanian Easter and Christmas traditions. Several TV channels presented them visiting farmers’ households to announce the owners that they would no longer have to stun their animals. In March 2009, the europarliamentarians announced that they had obtained the requested derogation. A Romanian NGO started an action against the latter. The study discusses the details of this initiative, arguing that the obstacles before the proposal to change the Council Directive are almost insurmountable, and providing a few thoughts with respect to the bioethical implications of the initiative.


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