Ana Maria Cornelia, Nadinne Roman, Elena Tarziman, Silviu Bors, Angela Repanovici, Daniela Drugus


Scientific studies conducted in recent years regarding patients information have experienced a significant growth and are found as such in a variety of medical subdomains; they observe all the relevant elements related to the quality and clarity of the information received by the patient, the transparency of the public health environment, the manner and method of patients’ self-information, as well as the transformation of the relationship between patient and physician brought by the  abundant information present especially in the online environment.

                The importance and objective of this study are determined by the preliminary investigations undergone by academics and researchers from multidisciplinary fields, comprising legal, ethical, informational, technological, and medical aspects.

                In a multidisciplinary collaboration with specialists in the technologies of information, medicine, medical and law ethics, we have managed to integrate the pieces of information individually acquired in this project of patient information using the QR code as an alternative and convenient method of accessing the relevant and eloquent information which directly affects the consumer of medical services – namely the patient.

                By using this type of access to information, we wish to help patients by collecting all the data necessary for documenting them in regard with the legislation in force, as well as the data regarding patient rights and the contents of the ethical and deontological codes of the medical staff, who are required to comply with them in the practice of their medical profession.

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